We love building games.

Mobile games for iOS and Android.

Especially multi-player.

And especially poker.

Famous Poker Players

Famous Poker Players is a multi-player Texas Holdem Poker game. There are 10 levels. Players start each level with a set amount of chips. Each level also has a chip goal. If players reach the level goal, they advance to the next level. The new level is higher stakes. If a player beats all 10 levels, the game restarts, and the player earns a star next to their avatar. Players can continue games, using VIP Passes, which allow the player to continue on, with another rebuy, at the same level where they went bust. VIP Passes are awarded for bonuses as well as when a level is won.

Famous Poker Players is designed to be comfortable to play too. The color scheme is warm, and easy on the eyes. The layout was built to maximize screen space, so that the table elements are as large and readable as possible. Likewise, there are three different bet control orientations, to accommodate all players types: right-handed, left-handed, and bottom.

Best of all, FPP is a game designed and balanced to encourage fun play. That means action! Since each level, all players begin with the same amount of chips, players get to mix it up more, playing more hands, rather than wait for premium hands. It’s a game where you get to play more poker, in a very short amount of time!

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