Famous Poker Players: Privacy Policy / GDPR

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Last updated August 30th, 2018

Famous Poker Players (“FPP”) is a mobile poker game. We believe your privacy is of the utmost importance. This Privacy Policy makes transparent how we collect, use and share your information. Our goal is to make this document as brief and as clear as possible.

FPP is a true “privacy by design” game. For example, we do not ask for your name, when you create an account. Your username is not publicly viewable; instead you create a nickname, and that nickname can be changed at anytime, or you can even use a supplied anonymous nickname. The data we collect is the very minimum necessary we need to provide you with a unique, fun mobile poker experience.

In addition to the data we collect is to operate our game, we work with a some 3rd party companies (GDPR compliant) for webhosting, email services, and advertisements.

This policy applies if you use our mobile applications, email with us, or visit one of our websites.

Information we collect

What information we collect about you depends on how you play our game.

If you play with only a Guest Account:
– IP
– Game activity logs
– Settings (e.g., sound)
– Remember Me (auto-login)

If you create an Regular Account, all of the above, plus:
– Email
– Username
– Nickname
– Password
– Avatar Image (potentially, if one added)
– IAP Logs

If you use a contact form or email us:
– Email
– Name

Using your information

Why do we collect this information? Why do we need it? FPP is a mobile poker game and we need information to operate it. Each item we collect is listed below, along with the reason:

IP / Location Information
This is used for security. FPP is a real-time multi-player game. For example, the IP is used to identify that a connection to the game is you.

This is used for account creation, and so that we can communicate with you about the game, if need be (for example, support or our newsletter).

Username / Password
These are used for logging into the game.

This is what’s viewable to other players on the poker tables, during play. It can be updated, anytime, in the account settings in-game.

Avatar Image
If you want, you can upload an image of your own, to be displayed on your seat, during game play, on poker tables. You can also delete this, at anytime.

Game Activity Logs
We track players’ games (e.g., how fast they complete levels, if features are popular, etc). We use these to make the game better and more fun.

Settings / Local Storage
Some settings are stored on the mobile phone itself. This is to improve your experience. For example, speeding up logging in, so you don’t have to key in your user / pass each time you return to play.

IAP Logs
If you make an In App Purchase, for example buying more VIP Passes, our servers record some of the data. We do not have any access to your financial data, but we do have logs that show your account has purchased that item(s). We record this, to ensure customer satisfaction (e.g., that you get the VIP Passes you paid for).

Famous Poker Players is in both the Apple and Google app stores. They may also collect data, when you access those stores and install our game.

Keeping your information

How do we store your information? And for how long is it stored?

Your information is stored in a relational database (e.g., MySQL) on our servers at Digital Ocean. Your email address will also be stored at Mailgun, at our email service.

We will keep your information, for no longer than we need it. Plus, if you ask, we will delete it.

Sharing your information

We share your information as little as possible; only in very limited, and necessary ways. Below are the three ways in which we might share:

Service Providers
– Digital Ocean: Used for webhosting, database services, game servers, etc.
– Mailgun / Google: Used for email services.

FPP is a game that is partly monetized through advertisements. We currently use Google’s AdMob to show video advertisements (for example, watching a Reward Video to earn VIP Passes). To serve more relevant ads — ads you’d prefer to see,  they track some of your information, such as device ID and type, and location. AdMob works with a large list of advertisers. While this is a long list, these are all GDPR compliant companies, which value your privacy as much as we do.  Here is the lengthy list of AdMob’s advertisers.

Business Transfers
We are an indie game dev company. In the event that we are acquired, or sell the game, we would transfer and share information we collect with that purchaser. Of course, we will notify you with any changes like this.

Keeping you up-to-date

We would like to send you an occasional email about our games. We will only send you these emails, if you opt-in. Likewise, if you do not want to get anymore emails of those kind, we will not send you anymore. You can opt-out,  either in one of those emails, or in the game’s settings.

Controlling your information

We respect your privacy rights. Below are some of those rights and how to exercise them:

Updating your information
FPP collects very little information, but what information it does collect, you can update in the game’s account view (e.g., nickname, password, avatar image, etc).

Right to Control Consent
You can update your consent of this Privacy Policy in the game settings. Please note that agreeing with this policy is required to play FPP.

Right to your data / Data portability
If you contact support, we will email you your data within 30 days.

Opt-out of communications
If we send you any email, you can opt-out, and we will not contact you in that manner anymore.

Request that we stop using your information
You have the right to ask that we delete your account, and remove or anonymize all your data. This is irreversible. Please contact support, and we will help you.

Misc privacy information

Our Policy regarding Children
Famous Poker Players is a game for players 16 years of age and older. We do not target children under 16, and we do not knowingly collect information from children under 16. If you know of a player, who is less than 16 years old, please contact us, and we will delete that information.

Changing our Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy may change in the future. If it does change, we will give you notice. For example, in-game or through email. Older policies will be archived. Please stay up-to-date with our most recent Privacy Policy. Note too, as mentioned above,  if you do not agree with all of the current policy, you should stop using our products and services, until you do.

Contact Us
Please contact for any reason.

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